GLFX::IVertexBuffer Struct Reference

#include <glfx.h>

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Detailed Description

Create with EffectManager::CreateVertexBuffer(). A vertex buffer needs to be bound to enable rendering and unbound afterwards. You may use glDrawArrays and glArrayElement to draw from vertex buffer or use aditionally a index buffer to render indexed primitives.

Public Member Functions

virtual unsigned long GetSize ()=0
virtual const VertexComponentGetFormat ()=0
virtual void * Lock (GLenum access)=0
virtual void Unlock ()=0
virtual void Bind ()=0
virtual void Unbind ()=0

Member Function Documentation

virtual unsigned long GLFX::IVertexBuffer::GetSize (  )  [pure virtual]

Returns number of vertices.

number of vertices

virtual const VertexComponent* GLFX::IVertexBuffer::GetFormat (  )  [pure virtual]

Returns vertex format.

vertex format

virtual void* GLFX::IVertexBuffer::Lock ( GLenum  access  )  [pure virtual]

Locks vertex buffer and returns pointer to memory.

access access mode (GL_READ_ONLY, GL_WRITE_ONLY, or GL_READ_WRITE); 0 -- default access mode (write only)

virtual void GLFX::IVertexBuffer::Unlock (  )  [pure virtual]

Unlocks vertex buffer. Memory pointer returned by Lock() is no longer valid.

virtual void GLFX::IVertexBuffer::Bind (  )  [pure virtual]

Enable client state and set pointers.

virtual void GLFX::IVertexBuffer::Unbind (  )  [pure virtual]

Disables rendering from this vertex buffer.

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