GLFX::Scene::Node Class Reference

#include <glfxscene.h>

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Public Types

enum  {

Public Member Functions

 Node (const Node &node)
virtual NodeClone ()
virtual int GetType ()
virtual void UpdateTM (bool clearDirty)
unsigned long GetChildCount () const
NodeGetChild (unsigned long num) const
void RemoveChild (unsigned long num)
NodeDetachChild (unsigned long num)
unsigned long AddChild (Node *node)
const char * GetName () const
void SetName (const char *name)
Matrix4GetTM ()
const Matrix4GetTM () const
void SetTM (const Matrix4 &tm)
void ResetLocalTM ()
const Matrix4GetWorldTM () const
bool IsDirty () const
void SetDirty ()
bool IsDisabled () const
void SetDisabled (bool disabled)
NodeGetParent ()

Protected Member Functions

void SetParent (Node *node)

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

TYPE_NODE  Simple node.
TYPE_STATIC_MESH  Node with static mesh.
TYPE_CAMERA  Node with camera.
TYPE_LIGHT  Node with light.
TYPE_USER_NODE  User defined nodes start here.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GLFX::Scene::Node::Node ( const Node node  )  [inline]

Construct node from other one.

Member Function Documentation

virtual Node* GLFX::Scene::Node::Clone (  )  [inline, virtual]

Clone this node.

Reimplemented in GLFX::Scene::MeshNode, GLFX::Scene::CameraNode, and GLFX::Scene::LightNode.

virtual int GLFX::Scene::Node::GetType (  )  [inline, virtual]

Get node type.

Reimplemented in GLFX::Scene::MeshNode, GLFX::Scene::CameraNode, and GLFX::Scene::LightNode.

virtual void GLFX::Scene::Node::UpdateTM ( bool  clearDirty  )  [inline, virtual]

Update world TM and bounding sphere of this node.

clearDirty clear dirty flag

unsigned long GLFX::Scene::Node::GetChildCount (  )  const [inline]

Gets number of children.

Node* GLFX::Scene::Node::GetChild ( unsigned long  num  )  const [inline]

Gets node.

num node number

void GLFX::Scene::Node::RemoveChild ( unsigned long  num  )  [inline]

Removes a node.

num node number

Node* GLFX::Scene::Node::DetachChild ( unsigned long  num  )  [inline]

Detaches a child from this node.

num node number
detached node

unsigned long GLFX::Scene::Node::AddChild ( Node node  )  [inline]

Adds a child node.

node new child node
child number for this node

const char* GLFX::Scene::Node::GetName (  )  const [inline]

Gets node name.

void GLFX::Scene::Node::SetName ( const char *  name  )  [inline]

Sets node name.

Matrix4& GLFX::Scene::Node::GetTM (  )  [inline]

Gets local transform.

const Matrix4& GLFX::Scene::Node::GetTM (  )  const [inline]

Gets local transform.

void GLFX::Scene::Node::SetTM ( const Matrix4 tm  )  [inline]

Sets local transform.

void GLFX::Scene::Node::ResetLocalTM (  )  [inline]

Resets local transform setting it to identity matrix.

const Matrix4& GLFX::Scene::Node::GetWorldTM (  )  const [inline]

Gets world transform.

bool GLFX::Scene::Node::IsDirty (  )  const [inline]

Check if node is dirty i.e. it's world matrix is out-of-date.

void GLFX::Scene::Node::SetDirty (  )  [inline]

Sets dirty flag. See IsDirty for details.

bool GLFX::Scene::Node::IsDisabled (  )  const [inline]

Checks if node is disabled.

void GLFX::Scene::Node::SetDisabled ( bool  disabled  )  [inline]

Enables or disables a node.

Node* GLFX::Scene::Node::GetParent (  )  [inline]

Gets node parent.

void GLFX::Scene::Node::SetParent ( Node node  )  [inline, protected]

Sets node parent.

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