GLFX::Scene::Material Class Reference

#include <glfxscene.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Material (EffectManager *fxMgr)
unsigned long AddRef ()
unsigned long Release ()
const char * GetName ()
void SetName (const char *name)
GLuint GetDiffuseTexture ()
const char * GetDiffuseMap ()
void SetDiffuseMap (const char *mapName)
const char * GetGlossMap ()
void SetGlossMap (const char *mapName)
const char * GetGlowMap ()
void SetGlowMap (const char *mapName)
const char * GetBumpMap ()
void SetBumpMap (const char *mapName)
virtual void LoadTextures ()
virtual void DeleteTextures ()

Public Attributes

Vec4 ambient
Vec4 diffuse
Vec4 specular
float level
float transparency

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GLFX::Scene::Material::Material ( EffectManager fxMgr  )  [inline]

Create a material.

Member Function Documentation

unsigned long GLFX::Scene::Material::AddRef (  )  [inline, virtual]

Increse reference count of this object.

current reference count, used for debugging

Implements GLFX::IObject.

unsigned long GLFX::Scene::Material::Release (  )  [inline, virtual]

Decrese reference count of this object, and delete it when reference count is zero.

current reference count, used for debugging

Implements GLFX::IObject.

const char* GLFX::Scene::Material::GetName (  )  [inline]

Gets material name.

void GLFX::Scene::Material::SetName ( const char *  name  )  [inline]

Sets material name.

GLuint GLFX::Scene::Material::GetDiffuseTexture (  )  [inline]

Get diffuse texture (OpenGL texture).

const char* GLFX::Scene::Material::GetDiffuseMap (  )  [inline]

Gets diffuse texture name.

void GLFX::Scene::Material::SetDiffuseMap ( const char *  mapName  )  [inline]

Sets diffuse texture name.

const char* GLFX::Scene::Material::GetGlossMap (  )  [inline]

Gets gloss texture name.

void GLFX::Scene::Material::SetGlossMap ( const char *  mapName  )  [inline]

Sets gloss texture name.

const char* GLFX::Scene::Material::GetGlowMap (  )  [inline]

Gets glow texture name.

void GLFX::Scene::Material::SetGlowMap ( const char *  mapName  )  [inline]

Sets glow texture name.

const char* GLFX::Scene::Material::GetBumpMap (  )  [inline]

Gets bump texture name.

void GLFX::Scene::Material::SetBumpMap ( const char *  mapName  )  [inline]

Sets bump texture name.

virtual void GLFX::Scene::Material::LoadTextures (  )  [inline, virtual]

Loads material texture.

virtual void GLFX::Scene::Material::DeleteTextures (  )  [inline, virtual]

Frees material textures.

Member Data Documentation

Vec4 GLFX::Scene::Material::ambient

Material ambient color.

Vec4 GLFX::Scene::Material::diffuse

Material diffuse color.

Vec4 GLFX::Scene::Material::specular

Material specular color.

float GLFX::Scene::Material::level

Material specular level.

float GLFX::Scene::Material::transparency

Material transparency level.

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